RZ350 Swingarm Swap

I am finally getting around to update another post.  Since I finally got the Suzuki RGV250 (VJ23) swingarm for the RZ project in, I can finally move forward with making the parts and modifying the bike to receive it.  It doesn’t appear to be too daunting of a task.

This post is only about the machining of the pivot sleeve for the swingarm bolt and modifying the R6 Shock.  Since it has been so long since I did this, I have lost the dimensions needed for it, but nonetheless the end product worked out fine.

IMG_4811I had a swingarm pivot sleeve for an FZ600 laying around which was sacrificed for the RGV swap.  It is the right ID and length.  This did make the whole process quite a bit easier as only the OD had to be machined to the right size.  It took a few hours to get it all right.  It was my first time machining stainless steel and it isn’t the easiest to work with.  I am still quite an amateur on the lathe.

What is really nice is that the swingarm itself, drops in without modification to the RZ350 frame.

Modifying the shock was not difficult at all.  The most complicated part was driving out the old bushings in the top and the bottom.  A little creativity with sockets and all thread and out it comes.


I got the info for the R6 shock here.  Really the only info needed was the bushing sizes for the top and bottom, the rest only applies to an fz600 swingarm swap.  The bottom shock pivot sleeve for the RZ350 is extremely worn and does not neatly slide into the bushings.  Will have to buy a new one when final assembly happens.  The one remaining item for the swap is fabricating some dog bones.  I have the dimensions tucked in my notes somewhere and will probably have someone CNC machine them.  Will follow up with a new post on that when I get those done.


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