1982 Yamaha SR250 Scrambler

A few weeks back Adam’s SR250 was wrapped up.  I think it turned out pretty awesome and its a ton of fun to beat around on.   BIKEBOUND picked it up on their blog after seeing it on instagram. You can check it out here.

Alot of the process has already been captured, but I’ll hit the highlights here.

  • Frame was detabbed and to clean up the rear a hoop was welded.  It was powder coated gunmetal gray by the team at Defense Coat Metal Finishing Solutions
  • Custom seat pan and foam were fabricated.  Seat was wrapped by Ray’s Upholstery
  • Tank was leveled with the Jadus tank leveling kit
  • Performance was boosted, albeit slightly, with the Jadus Performance Kit
  • Rear wheel was relaced to 18″ from the original 16″
  • Front and rear wheels were wrapped in Shinko 244
  • Custom dual headlight setup.  This is by far my favorite part of the bike
  • Bobbed rear fender and a high mounted front fender
  • The electronics were cleaned up and the battery relocated to clean up the look of the bike.




img_26772018meg0607_0018 (1)2018meg0607_0008 (1)dsc_1798dsc_1803dsc_1808img_2696


Photography: Margaret Graham

Powder coating: DefenseCoat Metal Finishing Solutions

Upholstery: Rays Upholstery

SR250 Parts: Jadus Motorcycles

Owner: Adam Baldwin

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