RZ350 off to paint

In the long absence of posts and updates, the RZ350 is finally off to paint. Here’s a recap of how I got here:

2006 Suzuki GSXR1000 Front End w/ LSL clipons

Motor: 421cc, +5mm stroked crank, bored athena cylinders, Wicked ATV Cylinder Head and Chambers and porting, +10mm offset countershaft sprocket

Front Fairing by Fiberman with a custom fairing stay done by Motorelic

Brakes were upgrade to the Brembo RCS19 mastercylinder, Brembo GP4RS, and wave rotors. The previous setup had a warped rotor and caused a few other issues on the couple test rides i took

Right before the end of the 2020 I dropped the bike off with Mike McCauley of Krazy Sprayz to paint the bike. The only original body work was the tank, which looked ok when it was dropped off. However once stripped it proved to be an absolute mess

Hopefully it can be repaired. Once I get it back, I’ll post the specifics behind the RGV swingarm swap with dimensions and part numbers.


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