RZ350 Track Day

This past weekend I finally had the opportunity to get the RZ350 out to NCBike with EvolveGT. It was good to get out and do a track day just for fun on this bike. I definitely took some good takeaways from the 3 sessions I took it out

First takeaway – I ran out of gearing on the main straight about a 1/3 of the way down at 115MPH. I was running a 17T front sprocket and 43T rear sprocket. The immediate fix is to get a 40T rear sprocket, but I am hoping to source an 18T 10mm offset front sprocket. That will give me the best longterm gear ratio adjustability. It looks like 39T rear is the smallest rear sprocket i can get for that SV650 rear wheel.

Second: The front brake mastercylinder is too big. I am currently running a Brembo RCS19. It was way too sensitive and it lacked the modulation I prefer. 612 Moto is going to help me make a final decision on what way to go. I am currently leaning towards the Brembo RCS17 Corsa Corta, but will see what Jack has to say first

Third: I was having an issue with positive engagement of the transmission while upshifting. It appears that the shift lever barely touches the exhaust at full stroke. I am hoping that is the issue with it not upshifting like it should. I’ll machine a small spacer and see what happens and go from there

I think longterm, I’ll look at designing new rearsets. Posssibly finding a set of woodcraft or vortex rearsets and then machining my own adapter/adjustment plates for the frame. The ergos arent the greatest and I get worn out pretty quickly. This will mean moving the exhaust mounts……..again. I’ll also be putting the 1″ rise clip-ons back on to see how those feel. Beyond that, I think i want to redo the seat.

The biggest surprise, was the suspension. Fast Bike Industries nailed it with the setup. I suspect as I pick up speed will need to fine tune a few things, but I had huge amounts of confidence in it right out the gate. The other was the motor. When its in the power band, its really AWESOME.

All photos and videos here are courtesy of Josh at Apex Pro Photo


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