Several years ago, I (Andrew Graham) bought an old automotive garage that was originally a tobacco warehouse.  Initially, I wanted to start my own automotive garage, but there was and still is plenty to learn.  After a long trip to Brazil delivering a ship, it was time to buy a motorcycle and that obsession has rapidly spiraled out of control.


This blog is about my motorcycle and other automotive adventures in my garage.  I have named the blog after my team name from a charity road rally I did back in 2009 where a friend and I tried to drive a 1969 VW Beetle from London, England to Douala, Cameroon.  If I did this full time, I would name my shop the aforementioned title.  Until then, it is just my projects and friends’ projects.  Though if you are looking for help on some project, shoot me a message through the contact page and I will get your ride sorted the way you like it.