BSA Repli-racer Beginning

It seems that I have lost many of my disassembly photos of the 1967 BSA 441 when I transferred over to the new iPhone X.  On the plus side though, most of what was on there is not going back.  I finally settled on the route for restoration for this bike.  I have always liked the vintage works motocross bikes like the BSA Victor GP and figured this would be a perfect candidate for it.


My BSA was stripped completely down and the parts not being used were boxed up and hauled down for storage to be sold later.  I found some trouble areas which are going to have to be addressed or replaced.  The swing-arm is slightly twisted and is on my current conundrum list.  NOS units aren’t too expensive, but I will need to get it powdercoated which will destroy the inner bushings.  Ideally, using needle bearings instead of the bushings would be a much better route, but I haven’t figured out how to exactly go about doing that or even if it is possible.

For the most part, the frame was in pretty good shape. The one problem area was the rear fender bracket down by the swing arm mount, one of the tabs was broken off and the other.  It didn’t take much to cut a new tab out and weld it in place.

Once the mounts were fixed, the frame went off to DefenseCoat Metal Finishing Solutions for 80% Black powder coat.  Clay and his team over there do a really nice job on powder coating.

The original front end was binned for a pair of 35mm Marzocchis from a 1972 Montesa Cappra 63M.  That was a relatively easy drop in upgrade. I have the hub, but still need to get a new rim and spokes for it.

New alloy fenders came from Speed & Sport.  Rear fender has been trimmed and drilled for install.  I have designed a front fender bracket to mount to the lower triple tree.  The team at Master Machine and Engineering will use a water jet to cut it out for me.  They have done some other pieces for me and have all turned out really nice.

Right now the engine is getting blown apart for a complete rebuild.  I’m planning on throwing some trick parts in it and painting it up real nice.  I’ll do another post on that as things progress.

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