Motorcycle Desk Lamp

A while ago, a good motorcycling friend of mine gave me some leftover parts from builds he has done over the years.  I have always thought that the BMW Speedos with the speedos in the bucket would make the coolest desk lamp.  Well this isn’t a bmw headlight and speedo, so the BMW purists can rest easy.  It is a headlight from a mid-sixties Harley Sprint.  It had a great patina when it was given to me.  It just needed to be cleaned and clear coated.

This is how the headlight came to my possession.  Luckily, the headlight switch was still operable after some cleaning.  Really the most difficult part was figuring out how the switch operated and what wires and connections I would need to still use the headlight and power a 120VAC bulb.

The headlight bucket got a wash and light scrubbing with a scotch brite pad.  Several coats of clear later and the 50+ year patina really popped.  I am really quite pleased . with how it turned out.  It sold really quickly to a gentleman in a motorcycle facebook group I am a part of.  I will be making more for my etsy shop, so if you are interested head there.  Trident Cycles Etsy

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